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Corporate and Airline Career Pilot Program

Do you have what it takes to become one of the 800,000 plus pilots needed to fill the worldwide demand in the coming years?  Nexgen Aviation offers FAA approved professional pilot training in a unique and dynamic environment.  Unlike many pilot training schools that offer year round sunny weather, we offer a training experience like no other.  Based in Central Kentucky, the weather changes often and you will learn to fly in all four seasons.  Earn real world experience in instrument conditions, learn how to avoid icing conditions and thunderstorms, learn how to master landings in challenging conditions such as high crosswinds.  The Lexington Bluegrass airport is a lower traffic Class C airport that will allow you to master radio communications with tower and approach controllers.  Go from zero flight time to a Commercial Pilot and Certificated Flight Instructor in as little as six to nine months. Earn a competitive salary as a flight instructor while you build the time and experience required to become an airline or charter pilot.  If you want the best flight training money can buy, choose Nexgen to help get you to your dream of becoming a commercial pilot!

Flight Training

Nexgen specializes in scenario-based, career pilot training for both US and foreign students.  We offer all courses including Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine, Certificated Flight Instructor, CFI-I, MEI, ATP.

Rental Fleet

Nexgen utilizes a modern fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft for single engine training and rental.  We also offer a Piper Arrow and Beechcraft Duchess for complex and multi-engine training.  Checkout our rental aircraft and rates!

Meet the Crew

Owned and operated by two professional jet pilots, Nexgen offers a new experience based training approach.  We hire only knowledgeable instructors with competency in all flight environments, and they are managed by experienced Chief Instructors.

About Nexgen Aviation

LEARN TO FLY HERE!!! Nexgen Aviation was created to change the flight training industry as opposed to traditional flight schools. It was started by two professional, corporate jet pilots, whom have thousands of hours flying and instructing in real world environments. Nexgen Aviation uses a scenario-based flight-training syllabus to help our students earn their licenses in a fast or self-paced, efficient, and fun manner. Scenario-based flight training is designed to replace the old way of flying to the practice area and repeating maneuvers over and over again. That’s just boring and doesn’t allow the student to understand why he is learning these maneuvers. Nexgen Aviation teaches students why each maneuver is important and how a pilot would use it in a real world situation. This means we fly to different airports using different missions, instead of just another boring trip to the practice area. Nexgen will guide our students through our syllabus and keep our students focused and informed by tracking their progress with their student folders. 
Whether you are a weekend warrior looking to earn your pilot’s license as a hobby, or looking for a rewarding career in aviation, Nexgen Aviation has the tools and experience to help you achieve your pilot training goals. Our aircraft feature up to date avionics and GPS to keep pace with the changing market of flight training. We offer all career pilot courses and college degree programs designed to earn all of your licenses in one year and start working in a rewarding career. 

Our fleet is priced very affordable and includes a Diamond DA-20, five Diamond DA-40s, including three G1000 equipped, a Piper Arrow for single engine training and a Piper Twin Comanche for multi engine flight training. We can take you from zero time to professional pilot in as little as 6 to 9 months. After graduation, work as a flight instructor for Nexgen Aviation, as you earn money and log hours toward achieving your airline or corporate jet pilot goals. 
If you are looking for the best charter, flight school, and airplane rental in the Lexington, KY area, come visit us at Nexgen Aviation located at the new West Lex Facilities off of Gumbert Road.

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