Diamond DA-20

Rental Rate: $135/Hr. Wet

Sporty. Sleek. Exciting yet surprisingly affordable. The DA20-C1 is available with standard avionics, and glass cockpit options.  The DA-20 is one of our Primary Flight Trainers and very easy to fly. 

Diamond DA-40

Rental Rate:  $155/Hr. Wet- Analog

$170/Hr. Wet- G1000

Impressive from any angle.  Whether you’re new to aviation or a seasoned IFR pilot, the DA40 is the first choice for discerning pilots. No matter how much flying experience you have, you’ll be impressed by the DA40 – its quickness off the runway, the crisp response of the pushrod actuated controls, and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the bubble canopy. 

Piper Arrow

Rental Rate: $150/Hr. Wet

The Piper Arrow has been a staple aircraft for those looking to train for their Commercial License or Instructor Certificate.  Because it is a reliable Single-Engine trainer with a "Complex" rating, meaning retractable Landing Gear and Flaps, plus a controllable pitch propeller.  It also makes a great rental cruiser with its 140 kt. cruise speed.

Piper Twin Comanche

Rental Rate: $250/Hr. Wet

Perfect for adding your Multi-Engine Rating or cross-country flying.  The Twin Comanche boasts 160 kt cruise speeds all while only burning 16-18 gph due to its efficient laminar flow wing.

Flight Design CTLS (Light Sport)

Rental Rate: $120/Hr. Wet

The CTLS is the perfect plane for time building and for an enjoyable day in the air.  The CT has nimble handling, great visibility and low operating cost.  It features a glass cockpit with synthetic vision, autopilot, a vary spacious cockpit with great payload, and a Airframe Parachute System.  It cruises at 120 kts true airspeed and only needs about 500 feet to take off.  Rent it for the day or overnight!

Redbird FMX Simulator

Rental Rate: $85/Hr.

Rental Membership Options Available

Learn and perfect your lessons in our full motion simulator before going up in the airplane.  This allows us to teach and pause lessons to discuss technique and procedures without distraction.  This will save you time and money.  Inquire about our membership programs.

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